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Leaders are at the frontlines, working to move their school forward in an ever-shifting landscape. Today’s leaders must be passionate changemakers, always gathering knowledge and resources to foster positive change in their schools.

The leader role is incredibly complex. Leaders work on many levels, from big to small, and are ultimately responsible for engaging an internal compass, improving student outcomes, growing teacher efficacy, satisfying stakeholders, ensuring school safety, setting and managing budgets, schedules, and so much more.

The Instructional Change Agent offers 48 practical ways to support you in your day-to-day and empower you to lead the charge. A useful resource for all school leaders throughout your career, you’ll shape your “passion dashboard” and identify ways to influence high-impact areas, including: enhancing culture, leading instructional planning, boosting learner engagement, and building strong community partnerships.

Adam Drummond, Ed.D,

has served as a consultant, manager, director, and keynoter for the International Center for Leadership
in Education (ICLE). Adam’s servant leadership and passion for making a change in the world has offered him the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and leaders across the country and internationally.
He has also served as an elementary teacher, middle school teacher, K-12 technology integration specialist, elementary and secondary professional development coordinator, and as both an assistant principal and principal.

Praise for
The Instructional Change Agent


Do you want to feel the passion, make visible the heart of being a principal, build the culture that make the difference, build your confidence to be the lead learner, and leave a legacy on your teachers and students? – then this is your bible.”

- John Hattie,
Professor of Education and
Director of the Visible Learning Labs,
University of Auckland, New Zealand;
author of Visible Learning

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