A Blueprint for Deeper Learning

with Lissa Pijanowski

Designing deep learning experiences requires intentional planning and a future focus. Students must learn to solve complex problems that require higher levels of thinking and working. As Learning Architects, we can create memorable learning that lasts. Participants will leave this webinar with:

  • A blueprint for designing meaningful and authentic learning experiences
  • A deeper understanding on how to increase rigor in your lessons
  • Templates and resources to guide lesson design and planning

September 19


Growth Starts with Belief

with Anthony Colannino

Belief is the foundation for strong/meaningful relationships, which then can lead to relevant learning, and finally, fuels rigorous environments. Too often educators, leaders and districts miss or skip the importance of starting with and supporting the belief all children can learn. Participants will leave this webinar with:

  • Simple practices to build strong, trust-based relationships with students and each other
  • Strategies you can use at all levels to create a culture where growth is emphasized, and mistakes are welcome
  • Realistic goals and next steps for implementing a growth mindset

September 24


Capitalizing on Community Partners for Relevance

with Adam Drummond

Now more than ever, the investment of community collaboration is a necessity in creating successful school environments for students to thrive. In this 45-minute series, be inspired to develop new ways to engage your community, business, and government leaders to walk alongside you as you create learning experiences that prepare students to be life ready. Participants will leave the session with:

  • An understanding of how to rise above the noise and focus on instructional change and deep learning experiences
  • Real-world examples of community partnerships that connect in-classroom learning to real life, outside-the-classroom application
  • Practical strategies for increasing leadership capacity and making data-informed decisions

October 10


Developing Social and Emotional Skills through Positive Relationships

with Venola Mason

Research shows that teachers have the biggest impact on student achievement. Relationships are the foundation for the development of the cognitive, social, and emotional skills and competencies that students need to be successful within the classroom and beyond. This webinar is designed to help educators understand the critical nature of these relationships and the impact they have on student learning. Participants will leave the session with:

  • A deeper understanding of the science and practice of social and emotional learning
  • Practical tips to establish and maintain relationships with students
  • Strategies to cultivate a sense of belonging within your classroom and among students

October 15


Coaching Redefined: The Power of Instructional Coaching

with Sherry St. Clair

Highly effective teachers not only build meaningful relationships with students, but their teaching also leads to increased student achievement. Whether you're a school administrator or school instructional coach, supporting teachers through coaching is a critical part of impacting instructional growth within a school. During this webinar participants will:

  • Examine various coaching experiences to understand impact and effectiveness
  • Gain practical tips to grow your coaching skillset
  • Identify strategies that you can immediately use to improve your coaching impact

October 23


Rigorous Curriculum Design: Aligning Standards, Instruction, and Assessment

with Kyra Donovan

The need for a cohesive and comprehensive curriculum that intentionally connects standards, instruction, and assessment has never been more needed than it is today. For educators to meet the challenging learning needs of students, they must have a clear road map to follow throughout the school year. During this webinar participants will explore:

  • What a rigorous curriculum is and how to create, sequence, and pace such a curriculum
  • Why seeing the “big picture” connections first is essential to beginning curriculum design
  • The five foundational steps for designing a rigorous PK-12 curriculum

November 7


Breaking Bold: Igniting a Love for Learning

with Weston Kieschnick

More than pedagogical understanding, instructional strategies, or even content knowledge, the number one factor in predicting a child’s academic success is the absence, or presence, of positive teacher-student interactions. Leaders and teachers need a simple framework and process for cultivating a culture centered around high expectations, resilience, and creativity. During this webinar participants will:

  • Explore the 12 research-based characteristics for cultivating masterful relationships
  • Gain practical strategies for implementing these in everyday practice
  • Reflect on current practices and identify simple ways to build positive interactions with more students every day

November 20


Efficacy in Digital Leadership

with Mark White

Change isn't coming as it is already on our doorstep. Educators need to recognize this in order to prepare learners with the critical competencies to thrive in a dynamic world. Digital leadership represents a strategic shift in mindset and actions that work to usher in needed changes to improve teaching, learning, and leadership while building powerful relationships with stakeholders in the process. During this webinar educators will:

  • Explore the Pillars of Digital Leadership
  • Gain strategies to enhance current areas of professional practice through a digital lens
  • Learn what works and what doesn't work when transitioning to digital leadership
  • Identify ways to work smarter, not harder to achieve better results through the strategic use technology

December 17


Successful Strategies and Systems for Addressing Social and Emotional Learning

with Bill Daggett

We have no choice; all educators must act now to address the alarming increase in SEL and mental health issues affecting our students and the adults serving them. While we are still in the early stages of confronting this crisis, many schools have devised programs that are successfully folding SEL/mental health into academics. During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How the nation’s most rapidly improving schools are addressing SEL/mental health challenges.
  • The first steps in creating a culture to support SEL from the classroom to boardroom to community
  • Proven strategies teachers, counselors, administrators and others can use immediately to support the whole child

December 18