Meaningful instructional growth for teachers

How can we help teachers grow and experience meaningful, positive change?

Educators today understand that schools must evolve to prepare students for futures in a fast-paced,
ever-changing career landscape. As a teacher-turned-coach to instructional coaches all over the world, Sherry St. Clair sees again and again how much support teachers need to rise to this challenge. However, too often, the traditional approach to instructional coaching falls short.

In Coaching Redefined, St. Clair suggests another way. St. Clair invites all educators charged with improving student outcomes—expert and novice coaches, instructional leaders, and principals—to join the coaching redefined movement. In this new paradigm, coaches unlock a virtuous cycle of growth by leading change at both the school and individual levels. By drawing on the wisdom of business leaders and clearly laying out her tried-and-true approach to instructional improvement, St. Clair guides readers to grow into coaches redefined, leading teachers toward their own unlimited growth so that they, in turn, can do the same for students.

Sherry St. Clair

is a passionate educator who coaches teachers and leaders across the country—and beyond—to best meet the needs of all students. Drawing from her rich experience at various levels of public education,
St. Clair is a highly regarded expert in the areas of highly effective instructional strategies, classroom walkthroughs, effective use of data, literacy, and creating a culture of college and career readiness.

Praise for
Coaching Redefined

Coaching Redefined will turn you from a good instructional coach into a great one with the application of new tools gleaned by St. Clair from the business world. And with coaching based on solid values and energized by new perspectives, you can guide the teachers under your care to greatness as well. This book is transformational in its scope and inspirational in its approach.”

- Daniel H. Pink,
Author, When and Drive

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