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Learning Architects

With a Unique Professional Growth Opportunity

Special Bundle Price of $17,500* includes:

  • 30 Copies of Architects of Deeper Learning book
  • 1 Hour Virtual Session with the author, Lissa Pijanowski
  • 1 Strategic Planning Session and 3 Days of Onsite Coaching for District Leadership Team with ICLE consultant

Already purchased the book? Get just the professional learning components for $16,600*
*Prices subject to change. Work with your Account Executive to build a package to meet your specific needs.

Bring an AODL book study to your district and then partner with author Lissa Pijanowski and ICLE to apply learner-centered instructional design using the Blueprint for Deeper Learning:

Pijanowski’s Blueprint, and her many helpful tools, insights, and ideas for construction, will prove invaluable as you build your own deep learning enterprise. A stimulating book.”

- Michael Fullan,
Professor Emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto

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